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"This program will inspire others across the country, and around the world, to realize that they can make a dramatic impact on the well-being of their own communities."

—Lisa Wong, Mayor of Fitchburg MA

"Marion Stoddart is an ordinary person. She says that about herself, that she's not anyone special. Maybe that's true, but she dialed in an ingredient that lifted her above the ordinary: commitment.

Why see this film?...maybe you'll feel the work of 1,000 in you."

—Chuck Jaffee, The Nevada City Advocate



“Watching the film then speaking with Marion, our audience was provided an opportunity to learn how to find--and follow, their passion."

—Owen Smith Shuman, Director, Groton Public Library



"Marion broke the mold on what was expected of women in that time by taking on government and big business over their pollution of the Nashua River."

—Kirsten E. Silver, Earth Times


"Work of 1000 is more than just a documentary detailing the success of environmental activism in changing things for the greater good; it is a story with a message...one we can all learn from."

—Daniel Edmonds, Vox Talk


Venue Checklist

Use the checklist below or download the editable Word document or the pdf as a starting point for planning what you will need at the location where you will be holding your Work of 1000 program.

Download the Venue-Planning checklist:

  • Word document (you may edit this document using Microsoft Word)
  • PDF, 2 pages (this document cannot be edited)