Three Herons
"I'm telling you, you'll love this film." ~Greta the Blue Heron

By J Seattle Auto Repair

"So many adults have told me that 'you' can make a difference, but I never believed them. But hearing Marion's story and meeting her changed all that, and helped me believe that even though I am one person, if I care strongly enough I can 
make a difference."
—Shannon Saywell, Senior at Lawrence Academy, Groton MA

"It has been the best way EVER to start teaching in the new year. Kids are doing Work of 1000 art--a Nashua River before and after mural, recycled art, 'Happy fish need clean water' mobiles, and posters about how to make the world a better place." 
—Dr. Ann Mehr, Lee Expressive Arts School, Columbia Missouri

"Today in class, after Marion's visit, we continued to talk about the 'individuals matter' concept. Marion had quite an impact on my students."
—Professor John Duff, Environmental, Earth & Ocean Science Department, UMass Boston

"This program will inspire others across the country, and around the world, to realize that they can make a dramatic impact on the well-being of their own communities."
—Lisa Wong, Mayor of Fitchburg MA

"I am truly moved and inspired by the long-lasting effects of Marion's activism. This civic engagement program will motivate others to make a diffference in the environmental health of their own communities."
—State Senator Jamie Eldridge

"Individuals like Marion Stoddart-who are able, against great odds, to effect significant environmental change within their lifetimes-are one of our best teaching tools and opportunities to inspire."
—Professor Ninian Stein, San Jose State University

"The Work of 1000 tells a very inspiring story; we were glad to show it to our audience."

—Amy Mathews Amos, Past President, American Conservation Film Festival

"A grassroots crusader for the Nashua River, Marion Stoddart serves alongside Rachel Carson as a powerful example of an individual's capacity to muster vast environmental change even in the face of industrial and political inertia. Edwards' film captures Stoddart's determination and single-mindedness with nuance and perspective, offering not only the story of her victories, but the personal and family risks she took to achieve them. "
—Caitlin Boyle, Founder, Film Sprout

"The film showing and talk with Marion brought out and brought together the best collection of environmental groups I have seen in the 22 years I have lived in Columbia. It made me feel very positive about the potential for environmental activism in our region."
—Steve Johnson, Executive Director of Missouri River Communities Network

"Having the screening of Work of 1,000 followed by an interview with Marion Stoddart was a compelling lifetime experience. When you learn what one 'ordinary' person can and did do, you are moved and inspired. The opportunity to speak with Marion provided our audience an opportunity to learn how to find--and follow--their passion.""
—Owen Smith Shuman, Director, Groton Public Library

What a great program. I was the moderator and started out with your questions. The conversation led in other directions too, which made the entire program very personal to our community."
—Pat Jenkins, Harvard MA Library Lecture Series

"Marion's story provides proof that however insurmountable the odds may seem, vision and dedication make change happen."
—Bill Flynn, Former Mayor of Fitchburg MA

"The documentary and the discussion were outstanding. Attendees raved about the evening and the information."
—Chris Williamson, Head, Applewild School

"Marion's story and the results of her work give me hope for the future."
—Patricia B. Campbell, Ph.D.Researcher in Science and Math Education Equity

"Marion Stoddart is an ordinary person. She says that about herself, that she's not anyone special. Maybe that's true, but she dialed in an ingredient that lifted her above the ordinary: commitment. Why see this film?...maybe you'll feel the work of 1,000 in you."
—Chuck Jaffee,

"This program provides unique learning opportunities and will enhance interest in the environmental science and engineering fields and leadership development for all."
—Larisa Schelkin, Executive Director of the DOME Foundation



"Working together to improve our rivers, our communities, and our environment, can have some wonderful side effect, including bringing together diverse groups and introducing girls and boys (and adults) to science in exciting new ways." -- Patricia B. Campbell, Ph. D. Researcher in Science and Math Education Equity

"Marion Stoddart's story is a catalyst to discuss history, environment and politics, enabling audiences to make a connection to the world around them."
—Cynthia Close, Executive Director, Documentary Educational Resources

"Making change is never easy, but it is particularly difficult in hard times. But as this program shows, we can each make a difference and, imagine the impact if we work together. Working together to improve our rivers, our communities and the environment can have some wonderful side effects including bringing together diverse groups and introducing girls and boys (and adults) to science in exciting new ways."
—Patricia B. Campbell, Ph.D. Researcher in Science and Math Education Equity. Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc.

"On more than one occasion, it was Marion Stoddard's example that helped me stay on course when it seemed like it was me against the world. For me, Marion's greatest legacy is the knowledge that with passion and perseverance, each of us can not only make a real difference in our communities, but we can also single-handedly change our world."
—Robert D. Ansin President/CEO and Founder of MassInnovation

"As we begin to see ourselves in Marion's shoes, we can envision changes on the horizon in our own time, and feel empowered to take them on ourselves."
—Sue Edwards

"One person can do the work of 1000 but strength lies in numbers. The more informed people are, the greater the power for change."
—Marion Stoddart

"What I wanted to do was to make a difference in the world-which is what we all want to do-and can do."
—Marion Stoddart

"What I will tell you is applicable to anyone's efforts to restore a river or some other natural resource. It starts with a dream, a vision of what you want."
—Marion Stoddart