Nature Walks Conservation Foundation, March 30, 2012
by Mark Fraser, Executive Director

Work of 1000 is an amazing and powerful documentary about the incredible journey of a living icon of conservation. Marion Stoddard is an advocate of the river, a steward of the land and an inspiration for all of us at a time in history when we very much need it. I highly recommend viewing Work of 1000. Share this amazing experience and help to inspire a new generation because when we work together we truly can accomplish anything, as you will learn from this very film.

Mark Fraser is the host and executive producer of “Nature Walks with Mark Fraser” ( a conservation based wildlife awareness program made for public television, cinema and on line audiences. He is also the executive director of the Nature Walks Conservation Society ( ) who's mission is to bring wildlife conservation into the mainstream curriculum of schools systems everywhere.

Marion Stoddard has spent a lifetime dedicated to the health of our watersheds. She is an iconic example of the power of standing up and inspiring a community to work together for a common goal. Her inspirational story has finally been told in the form of a stunning and true documentary detailing the amazing steps behind the scenes that directly led to the realization of the first state level Clean Water Act in the nation. Marion not only saved a river, but she also changed our entire culture, by introducing modern American society to a better way of thinking about a local watershed in every community, including your own.