Nature Walks Conservation Foundation, March 30, 2012
by Mark Fraser, Executive Director

Work of 1000 is an amazing and powerful documentary about the incredible journey of a living icon of conservation. Marion Stoddard is an advocate of the river, a steward of the land and an inspiration for all of us at a time in history when we very much need it. I highly recommend viewing Work of 1000. Share this amazing experience and help to inspire a new generation because when we work together we truly can accomplish anything, as you will learn from this very film.

Mark Fraser is the host and executive producer of “Nature Walks with Mark Fraser” ( a conservation based wildlife awareness program made for public television, cinema and on line audiences. He is also the executive director of the Nature Walks Conservation Society ( ) who's mission is to bring wildlife conservation into the mainstream curriculum of schools systems everywhere.

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Earth Times, May 27, 2011,
by Kirsten E. Silver

'Work of 1000' comes from an old radio program that states that one person really can do the work of 1,000 people if they simply refuse to give up.

This film tells us the story of Marion Stoddart, a smart young woman caught in the seemingly dull life of a suburban housewife in the 1960s.

Marion broke the mold on what was expected of women in that time by taking on government and big business over their pollution of the Nashua River, which was considered to be one of the 10 worst rivers in the U.S.A. This inspirational story shows what is possible to accomplish by even 'ordinary' people if they only never give up.

Vox Talk, October 1, 2011,
By Daniel Edmonds

Work of 1000 is more than just a documentary detailing the success of environmental activism in changing things for the greater good; it is a story with a message. Stoddart experiences her fair share of setbacks, from political outbursts to death threats and angry townsfolk working for the paper companies causing the river’s pollution. Simultaneously, Stoddart faced the challenges of mothering three children.

These elements are what make the documentary different from others...It is the story behind the success — that a person, a housewife in the 1960s — can do the work of a thousand and make a difference in the world. It’s a powerful message; one we can all learn from.

The Nevada City Advocate, December 29, 2011
By Charles N. Jaffee

Marion Stoddart is an ordinary person. She says that about herself, that she's not anyone special. She's not particularly creative or intelligent. Maybe that's true, but she dialed in an ingredient that lifted her above the ordinary: commitment...

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The Women's Eye, March 7, 2011
By Pamela Burke

Thanks to Susan Edwards' new documentary "Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000,"  we get to meet one of  America's most dedicated environmentalists.   Sue spent four years piecing together the story of how Marion and her supporters took on the challenge of restoring the Nashua River in New England, one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country.

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The Somerville Patch, March 19, 2011
By Denise Taylor

For filmmakers Dorie Clark of Somerville and Susan Edwards of Pepperell, a film is more than a film; it can also be a call to action. So while they are proud that their documentary Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000 is garnering national and international accolades, mostly they want people to learn its story: how one "ordinary" housewife led an extraordinary campaign to cleanup one of the nation's ten most polluted rivers.

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